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Here's what some clients have to say. Click "view more" to see the full testimonials at

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"Liz Addeo is the human being you want in the room with you (or your partner) when your child is being born. She is love, wisdom, humor, patience, and empathy personified."


"Hiring a doula will greatly impact your pregnancy and birth experience and hiring Liz specifically is a decision you would never regret. She is the 2nd person I am going to tell the next time I become pregnant."



"Liz is an extraordinary doula and human being.  I have rarely met a person more equipped with all the qualities you would hope for in a doula, but she goes so far beyond what you would hope for. She gives with her whole heart from a place of deep intuition, empathy, intelligence, awareness and strength."


"Give yourself the gift of her expertise at your next birth, or attend one of her classes to get yourself informed. She is simply the best birth worker in the area- worth every penny!!"

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