Spinning Babies Parent Workshop

Do you want a more comfortable pregnancy? Perhaps an easier birth? 

Are you healing from a previous difficult birth and now you're pregnant again?

Are you in your third trimester and your baby is breech?

Going for a vaginal birth after caesarean this time?

If you answered yes to any of these, the Spinning Babies Approach is for you!



This 3 hour workshop is held at the Albany Family Life Center in downtown Albany. The workshop is held for 1-3 couples with lots of time for one on one instruction with me. This is a movement based workshop, in which participants will learn how to ease discomforts of pregnancy and prepare the body to birth. We learn about the three levels of the pelvis, and how we can move our bodies in labor to aid in baby's passage for a smoother, perhaps shorter, birth experience. 


Cost and how to sign up

$100 per couple

Includes all the materials and props you will need to continue the preparation at home

Please reach out below to find out the next dates for the workshop


Private Workshop available scheduled for you: $250